Chicken Quesadilla


Who says meal prep should be boring?


We love to push the limits. SO. Chicken Quesadilla. Let's taco-bout-it.

Roasted, pulled chicken breast, fresh baby spinach, dairy free queso, rice, and our mexi spice blend, wrapped up in a tortilla, served with a side of organic greek yogurt to trick your taste buds into thinking it's sour cream. Gotta get those probiotics, babe!


Regular: 485cal  14F  59C  26P, 2 sugar, 4 fiber

Gluten free: 415cal  14F  54C  23P, 5 sugar, 4 fiber

Allergens: dairy (greek yogurt served on side)

Ingredients: chicken breast, spinach, verde sauce (green chilis, onion, vegetable broth, jalapenos, garlic, olive oil, cumin, sea salt, pepper), jasmine rice, daiya mozzarella, tortilla (regular and gluten free options), greek yogurt on side