Foundations Meal Plan

Foundations Meal Plan


We've picked our faves for you and you don't have to think. Plus you get discounted prices on your meals. Woo! We're all about making your life easier.
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The Balance Plan is our favorite. THIS is how we eat at L&L. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Remember, a balanced life is the result of a balanced diet. Let us take you on a ride to eat the way that changed our lives.


Balance 5 Meal Plan Comes with each of the following:
*meals change each week so you're always excited about what's on your plate!

1. Fried Rice w/ Chicken

2. Korean Steak Stirfry w/ Rice & Asian Veggies

3. Buffalo Stuffed Sweet Potato w/ Broccoli

4. Sweet Asian Meatballs w/ Rice & Asian Veggies

5. Stuffed Pepper w/ Mashed Potatoes

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