Ranchero Scramble


Oooohweeoohweeohh, dun, dun dun. 


Anyone catch that tune? This is the breakfast of wild west cowboy champions! Scrambled eggs, poblano peppers, crispy red potatoes, black beans, topped with our from scratch savory ranchero red pepper sauce.

Trust us on this one, don't regret it later and order two now. 


260cal  12F  17C  17P

Allergens: eggs

Ingredients: egg, red potato, tomato (tomato, tomato puree, salt, citric acid), black beans, poblano pepper, yellow onion, red bell pepper, olive oil, garlic, sea salt, chili powder (chili pepper, salt, cumin, garlic), vinegar, cilantro, ground black pepper, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, allspice